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Can I have one dollar?
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Can i Have a dollar?

Its a pretty simple question.  One that if a relative, friend, co-worker or anyone else you knew asked you probably would answer and if you had it give it to them.  Well that is the point of this web site, I want to know if I can have a dollar.
Now before you jump to any conclusions this isn't a scam.  I am not trying to get any absorbent amounts of money.  I am not trying to get any personal information to scam anyone.  There is nothing illegal about what I am doing.  This is simply a web site to try and get people to give me a dollar, I will explain more later.  If you don't want to give me a dollar, you think I'm an idiot, you think this is a scam, that is fine, close the page and please don't think twice about it.  If you would like to hear more and why I am asking you to give me a dollar please continue reading, all I ask is that you read through and make up your own mind about it.
Now considering that most people will probably have a ton of questions about the site and why they should give me a dollar I have decided to do a frequently asked questions to basically sum everything up.  So below are the questions I figured I would get asked the most and the answers to them.


Why should I give you a dollar?
Cause you want to.  I do not want to try and make anyone give me anything.  This site's main purpose is to ASK people for a dollar.  If you feel that I don't need your dollar or you have something more important to do with it or if you think you need it more then I do that's great, this isn't about anything but what you think, its your decision.
Why do you need a dollar?
Now this one is a little more in depth.  I know a lot of you reading this have been at the point where you are living paycheck to paycheck.  That is where I am now.  Let me give you a little more information.  I'm 27 years old, i'm married to a wonderful wife who is 22 about to turn 23.  We have two kids, my son who just turned 3 in September and a beautiful daughter who was born in September of this year.  My wife has been pregnant so she has been off work for a while, she will also be off work for a while yet to come.  I do work full time, most weeks I even work 10-15 hours of over time.  The problem we have is we have both made bad decisions both before we were married and after we were married.  Neither one of us have great credit, which is no one fault but our own, I could give you all kinds of reason why it isn't our fault and come up with excuses for everything, but in the end it all boils down to the decisions we made, good or bad.  We are now in a position where what I make just doesn't do it anymore.  We are in debt and every month we get further and further in debt.  We have bills that have to be paid, like rent, electric and groceries.  We can always afford to pay these but in order to do that we have to put other things off, such as car insurance, car payments and what not, and that just gets us further and further behind.  We are just trying to make a good life for us and our kids, we are willing to make the sacrifices to do this but like a lot of people out there we do need help.
Why are you only asking for a dollar?
I don't want people to think i'm trying to scam them or take there money or anything along those lines.  A dollar does not seem like much to a lot of people but if you have ever been in the situation that we are in you know that EVERY dollar counts.
Why doesn't your wife get a job to help out?
My wife is planning to get a job once things with the baby settle down and she is able to.  We will have some drawbacks and it may take her some time to get one.  In order for her to get a job we will have to put both of our kids in daycare.  With the costs of daycare she will not be able to just take any job.  Any job paying minimum wage will not even cover the cost of daycare for two children.  Please understand something, my wife and I both have no secondary education, in the families we grew up in it wasn't something that was possible.  She has some experience in the child care field and she can find a job, its just going to be a matter of finding one that will not put us further in the whole with the cost of daycare.
Why don't you get a second job?
This is something I have actually recently started looking for.  I am trying but with the schedule I am working now its not the easiest thing in the world.  It would have to be an evening job that would work with me as far as the hours I could work.   I have to go to bed rather early in order to get to my primary job.  I could not be scheduled for weekends cause once again my primary job has a rotating weekend schedule that I do have to follow.  I am trying to find a job that will work with me both on scheduling during the week and scheduling on the weekends.  As soon as I can find one that will I will take it immediately.  Please understand something about us, we know the situation we are in and we are doing everything possible to get out of it, we are not afraid to work hard or go the extra mile to give our kids what they want and try to give them a good life.  But also understand, I want to give them a good life and be able to enjoy it with them.  I do not want to be the kind of father that gave there kids what they needed and wanted but was never able to enjoy any of it with them.
What will you spend the dollar on?
To begin with not much.  Whenever I can get enough to pay a bill that is exactly what I will do with it, pay a bill.  This site isn't here for my enjoyment or to make me rich.  Its here to help, all the money I get from it will go directly to bills to help me get out of date and get caught up.
How do we know you are going to use it to pay bills?
Honestly, you don't.  It will be a give and take situation, I will be honest and I will do what I say.  I will keep track of every dollar I get and I will post on the site on a separate page what I have received and what has been paid.  I will even start to scan in bills and receipts showing what I have paid with the money.  I also plan to put up a thank you page.  I will put every persons name and location on the site (first name only) to show who has helped me out.
Why should I give you a dollar instead of someone else who needs it?
You shouldn't, if you know someone else who needs a dollar give it to them.  I am not saying I am more needy or deserve your dollar more then anyone else.  If everyone in the world who had a dollar to give gave it to someone who needed it you never know, may just make the world a better place for a lot of individuals.


These are the questions that pop into my head.  If you have any other questions email me, I will e-mail a response and answer your question and I will also post it on the site so if anyone else has a similar question they can get the answer.
How can I contact you with questions?
You can e-mail me at with any questions you have.  One thing I do guarantee on this site.  no matter what the question or even the comment, whether nice or not I will answer it.

You can also contact me on AIM with the username of fuzzeehead

After reading the above if you wish to give me a dollar here are the ways you can do it.
PayPal—eBay's service to make fast, easy, and secure payments for your eBay purchases!

Also, i am looking at setting up a P.O. box if you would like to give me a dollar through regular mail.  I don't know if this site is going to work and i cannot afford to purchase a P.O. box if its just going to be a waste of money.  I will update it if the need arises.